Welcome in the Nontron region to discover the arts and crafts!

You want to ally nature, culture, well-being, meetings and interactions? You want to give meaning to your walks in the green and rolling countryside of the Périgord-Limousin?
In the Nontron area, you can meet creators who respect the nature, creating sustainable objects which are also beautiful, which can be transmitted and which tell a story.
You will enliven your senses and will sharpen your imagination to the contact of exceptional creations and knowhow. You will also be able to get initiated to the work on the material and live an original experience in family with the arts and crafts professionals!

This summer, come to meet the arts and crafts in Nontron!

  • The arts and crafts in Nontron:
    Craftsmen on the Saturdays’ market:
    Every Saturday morning, the Nontron market extends around the Place Alfred Agard and along the Rue de Verdun. We can find everything in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
    This summer from July 4th to August 22nd, the craftsmen will be there! They will be 4 or 5 every Saturday will propose for sale, on original booths, useful and beautiful objects which are also sustainable and produced locally in their workshops. Some of them will also propose demonstrations such as the stone sculptor Philippe Stemmelen and mini-internships such as the ceramist Claire Lepape.
    The craftsmen: Patricia Masson (ceramist), Philippe Stemmelen (stone sculptor) and Sabine Stemmelen (ceramist), Claire Lepape (ceramist), Sophie Doco (textile creator and illustrator), Odile Gérard (Folie d’O – jewel creator), Céline Giry (ceramist), Jean-Pierre Petit (ceramist), Anne Merlet (ceramist), Marc Willgoss (metalworker).
    The workshops-shops and places of knowhow discovery: the Coutellerie Nontronnaise, the cutlery industry Le Périgord, Sylvie Capellino-1P2L (creator of jewels and lights in leather and metal), Fozia Hafiz (stylist, dress designer), the gallery Une Nouvelle Empreinte (the mosaicist Sandrine Combes and its guests).
    The Nontron roaming: A walk to discover the city of Nontron by following the arts and crafts signs, more information here.
  • “Market of craftsmen and cutlery manufacturers of art”, Saturday, August 8th in Nontron- 9 am-10 pm.
    For the pleasure of everyone, the market of craftsmen and cutlery manufacturers of art will welcome around 20 craftsmen with various knowhow while putting the spotlight on 13 cutlery manufacturers.
    Meetings, interactions, demonstrations and exhibitions-sale will occur along this beautiful and long day!
    Internship of knife forge: From August 3rd to August 7th.
  • And, of course, all the activities of the Nontron Experimental Pole of Arts and Crafts: here.
  • The arts and crafts in the Nontron region/area:
    Workshops/shops: Caroline Samuel (leather worker in Piégut), the Musée du tisserand et de la charentaise (Varaignes), the Etouars forges, the Moulin de Lapeyre (cutlery industry and ancient tools, Saint-Estèphe), Thomas Liorac (combs in horn, Saint-Martin-Le-Pin).
    Activities: the CPIE in Varaignes (walks in family in the Musée du tisserand et de la charentaise and the Iron and Forge (fer et forge) route in Périgord Vert. the iron and forge space in Etouars.

Have a nice visit!