In practise:
Meeting between cinema and arts and crafts from March 30 to April 2 2023.
Intercommunal cinema Louis DELLUC
Place des droits de l’Homme – 24300 Nontron
Reservations :
And telephone, you can leave a message on the following telephon number +33(0)5 53 56 78 35
Prices : Normal: 6.50€ / reduced: 5€ / Less than 14 years old: 4€
Program communicated with reservations.


Workshops – projections – meetings
Discover the backstage of the cinema!
Meet costume designers, production designers, directors…

The intercommunal cinema Louis Delluc and the Experimental Pole of Arts and Crafts propose a new occasion of the Meeting between cinema and arts and crafts in Nontron.
The objectives of the event are the discovery of knowhow, the backstage of the cinema, artists and technicians who make the movies and work on the shadow with the one who create the atmosphere, the universe, the decoration, the cinematic aesthetic.
This event is addressed to the public with key moments dedicated to sixth-formers and arts and crafts professionals. They will all have a time to exchange with professionals of the cinema and a special place presenting jobs of the cinema.
This is the occasion for everyone to see movies with guests, to enjoy time of exchange during projections with cinema and arts and crafts professionals.

The program includes: 
– Projections and meetings every day : come to meet directors / production designers / scriptwriters / arts and crafts professionals…
– Previews it the movies : “Nos cérémonies” of Simon Rieth / “Les 3 mousquetaires : D’Artagnan” of Martin Bourboulon
– From March 30 to April 2: two exhibitions “Affiches Tout Rysk” (posters made by Rysk)  and “Des créations métiers d’art pour le cinema” (arts and crafts creations for the cinema) – 10 am- 6 pm / salle des fêtes of Nontron
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ZOOM on the arts and crafts meetings:

  • Thursday March 30 – 9.45 am projection of the movie “La place d’une autre” of Aurélia Georges (1h52) and meeting with Agnès Noden (costume designer supervisor of the movie)
  • Thursday March 30 – 1 pm Projection of the movie “Kaamelott, 1er volet” of Alexandre Astier (2h) and meeting with Denis Seglan (production designer of the movie)
  • Thursday March 30 – 8.30 pm Preview of the movie “Nos Cérémonies” followed by a meeting with Simon Rieth (director) and guests on the approach of the work led on the decoration, the outfits inthe movie. Movie supported bu the region Nouvelle Aquitaine. In partnership with Cina and Alca.
  • Saturday April 1 – 6 pm Meeting with Rageman (Artistic director) and creator of the poster “Les 3 mousquetaires: D’Artagnan” around the exhibition “Affiches Tout Rysk”
  • Sunday April 2 6 pm: Projection of the movie “The French Dispatch” (in English) of Wes Anderson (1h48) in relation with the exhibition “Des créations métiers d’art pour le cinema” (arts and crafts creations for the cinema.

– Arts and crafts creations for the cinema:
Exhibition from March 30 to April 2/ 10 am-6 pm / salle des fêtes of Nontron. Workshops on Saturday April 1.
Meetings, exchanges and demonstrations with craftsmen on Sunday April 2 –3 pm.
The movie “The french dispatch” was shot in 2018-2019 in Angoulême. Several arts and crafts professionals have contributed realising objects and decorative items. They will present models, drawings, tests, photographs which show this experience and will exchange with the public. In the heart of the European days of arts and crafts, they will also demonstrate their knowhow.
With : Camille Picard, le Point Quartz, ceramist; Nathalie and Christophe Legrand, Atelier Legrand, book covering, gilding, restoration of books and Laëtitia Courset decorator.
Workshops for the public : Saturday April 1 (program in construction).
Demonstrations of arts and crafts knowhow: Sunday April 2, 2– 3 pm, 4.30–6 pm
Meeting and exchanges with the arts and crafts professionals about the movie “The french dispatch” :
Sunday April 2, 3– 4 pm meetings around the exhibitions

– Affiches tout Rysk (posters made by Rysk)
Régis Guérin, alias Rageman, has decided to « be » a drawer-designer at 6 years old. When he was 17 years old, he has won a prize for a comic book in Angoulême. Graduated from the ESAG Penninghen in 1991, he then taught there the graphic art and the artistic direction from 2005 to 2015. Artistic director then creation director for FKGB from 1992 to 2001, the number 1 agency in the sector of the entertainment. He has then created the creation studio The Rageman in 2001. In 2010, The Rageman has become the founding member of the collective RYSK, creative label, specialised in the communication for the cinema and the TV series.
This exhibition will present around 30 posters of emblematic movies of the French cinema signed by Rysk  –

The meeting between cinema and arts and crafts are supported by the Federation of municipalities Périgord Nontronnais / Cinema Louis Delluc, in partnership with the Experimental Pole of Arts and Crafts in Nontron and Cinépassion en Périgord.