In practice:
From June 11 to June 25 2022
Under the city hall of Nontron, Place Alfred Agard
From 10 am to 6 pm.
Public preview on June 10 at 6 pm.
Public closure on June 24 at 6 pm.

In partnership with the Community of Communes of the Perigord-Nontronnais, the Experimental Pole of Arts and Crafts and the local operators, the « École des Arts Décoratifs » has launched in 2021 a program of Post-Master dedicated to the design of rural worlds in Nontron. It welcomes between 6 to 8 students every year. It is at the same time a residence, a laboratory, an incubator and a design office. Attentive to answer to concrete problems, it counts on the ability of design to face the issues of our time and to revitalize the territories.
Throughout this dispositive, the « École des Arts Décoratifs » aims to form a generation of artists and designers who are keen to reinvent our ways to live and inhabit in order to be more respectful of our environments, ways which are more sustainable and harmonious.
The exhibition « Act 1 » presents the projects developed by the first year group of this program. They had to answer to orders which concerned the youth, the elderly persons, the social and solidarity economy and the arts and crafts:
– “Espace-TERRE” by Antoine Bachmann,
How the place dedicated to the leafy vegetables in the food of the collective canteens and a new attention brought to the wild plants cultivated in public spaces can modelled and build forms of participative habitability and intergenerational exchanges? Workshops of herbarium, tastings and trips in immersion in the countryside. Installation of a vegetable garden for biodiversity and hut for plants during the market.
– “D’âge en âge” by Kelly Eng & Marie Piplard and Marguerita Said
With the elders of the city and the elders of the nursing home, how to model a new imaginary of the old age and value their active role on the territory? How to reconnect these inhabitants to the local life ? An empty shop as a place of meetings and exhibition.
– “Roulez Jeunesse” by Victor Bassigny and Ségolène Gaillon
How can the space and the countryside be the basis of new ways to meet people, to interact and accompany young people on the Nontron territory? Settlement of drawing workshops with a class of third grade of the high school of Nontron.
– “Futurematique” by Andrea Gaidano and Simon Geneste
The Dordogne department counts more than 300 wash houses. Gathering energies of the territory to convert these places as living and sharing spots throughout a festival. With the flow, there are 6 communes and 30 actors of the territory which are federated. .
– “Artisanat social et solidaire” by Antoine Bachmann, Victor Bassigny and Marguerita Said.
Developing the arts and crafts with the tools of the social and solidarity economy. Imagining a mobile unit of exhibition to overcome the closure of the castle. Working together with different knowhows.
The project sponsors 2021-2022 are the Community of Communes of the Perigord-Nontronnais, the care home of Nontron and the Experimental Pole of Arts and Crafts.

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