Residence of Marie Brochier and Thibault Dumain – Bureau CIME, within the scope of the “Art Residences in Dordogne”*.

The theme of the design and arts and crafts residence 2020/2021 in the Nontron Experimental Pole of Arts and Crafts within the scope of the “Art Residences in Dordogne” is “Identity”.
In relation with the renovation works of the Nontron castle managed by the Community of Communes and with the cultural project of the Pole, the residence heads towards the graphic design. The graphic designers are invited for a time of research and creation on the visual identity for the structure. They will need to take into account the resource and the skills of the arts and crafts professionals in relation with the Pole.
Following the residence, a second time of work may be proposed for the realization of the ranges of the visual identity and the following of the fabrication of the graphic elements meant to the indoor and outdoor signage. This step of production will have to favor the partnerships with local companies, appeal to the local resources and materials and be inscribed in a more global reflection on the sustainable development.

The graphic designers Marie Brochier and Thibault Dumain of Bureau CIME were selected and have begun their residence.
In 2021, the residence will be the subject of exchanges times under different forms with a workshop with the arts and crafts professionals and a public restitution.

Bureau CIME – Marie Brochier and Thibault Dumain
“Bureau Cime believes in a creative and renewed design for every collaboration based on dialogue and research.

Our studio proposes a hand-crafted and interdisciplinary approach of the graphic design. Every beginning of project is an opportunity to realise iconographic guidance documents and to exchange with our sleeping partners around a bill of specifications. We initiate then a phase of research using as much as possible the resources and the environment at our disposal in order to open up new possibilities. We result in 2 or 3 research possibilities which correspond to different possible orientation for the future communication. As the exchanges go by, we recenter the creation and we develop the lead selected in order to obtain a real pertinence in relation to the stakes and objectives of communication. Finally, we carry a special attention to the diversification and fabrication phases to obtain a coherence between the style and the content on the whole project”.

*Reception in residence in Nontron within the scope of the “Art Residences in Dordogne”, a plan coordinated by the Departmental Cultural Agency Dordogne-Périgord.
The program of the “Art Residences in Dordogne” is supported by the Ministry of culture/DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the residence in Nontron is supported by the Community of commune and coordinated by the Pole.