EXHIBITION: « Ricochet, knife and knowhow »

Studio Monsieur, designers – end of residence in the Nontron Experimental Pole of Arts and Crafts in the context of the Art residences in Dordogne.
From November 23rd 2019 to February 1st 2020
Preview on Saturday November 23rd at 6 pm
Hours and days of opening:
From Monday to Saturday  – 10am-1 pm and 2-6 pm
Be careful, exceptional closure on December 25th ,  January 1st  and January 7th!
FREE ENTRY, Access for disabled people.

Place :
Pôle Expérimental Métiers d’Art de Nontron et du Périgord-Limousin
Château, av. du Général Leclerc 24300 NONTRON
+33(0)5 53 60 74 17 – contact@metiersdartperigord.fr

Guided visit in French : Saturday December 7th, 4 pm, free.

Since January 2018, The Nontron Experimental Pole of Arts and Crafts has welcomed in the context of the Art residences in Dordogne, Studio Monsieur composed of Romain Diroux and Manon Leblanc. The particularity of this residence around crafts and design allowed them to work with arts and crafts professionals of the territory during several stays for around two years.
The creation approach of the designers got developed throughout the collaborations. The improvement of a traditional knowhow, a local resource, a cultural, geographical and historical heritage through the design: the materials, the gestures which modeled them and the fabrication process were their innovative source and the basis of projects developed inside the workshops.

During their residence in Nontron, this was the same work method that Romain Diroux and Manon Leblanc applied to the particularities of the Perigord-Limousin region. They have chosen an emblematic object of the Nontron locality, the knife, as well as local materials, stone, leather, enamel, wood and metal. The exploration of the materials and knowhow inside the crafts workshops gives birth to a new type of knives.
With the Coutellerie Nontronnaise, Studio Monsieur has distorted the traditional characteristics which are the brass ferrule and the mysterious pyrography, in a poetic gesture for the realization of knives for children. Then, they have graphically revisited the pocket knife: the refined lines and primary colors have made it come within the scope of the modern world while keeping its timeless aspect.
The multiple knowhow of the knife manufacturer – blacksmith Michel Lemans have allowed them to develop multiple testing with other arts and crafts knowhow. Consequently, with the stone sculptor, Pierre Carcauzon, they gathered pebbles inside rivers in order to realize pocket knives that we can skim into the palm of the hand. Caroline Samuel, the leather worker, allowed them to develop a concept of handle-case in leather. Finally, with Natacha Baluteau, art enameller, they have combined the precious material with the model of the handle for a clear and elegant knife.

The exhibition presents the prototypes and the creative process related to every project. 

Studio Monsieur has collaborated with the arts and crafts professionals:
La coutellerie nontronnaise, Michel Lemans –knife manufacturer-blacksmith, La coutellerie Le PérigordNatacha Baluteau – art enameller, Pierre Carcauzon – stone cutter, Caroline Samuel – leather worker.

Studio Monsieur was welcomed in crafts and design residence in Nontron in the context of the Art residences in Dordogne coordinated by the Departmental Cultural
Agency Dordogne-Perigord.
Contact : +33(0)5 53 60 40 04 – www.culturedordogne.fr

Culture Ministry / DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Departmental Council Dordogne-Périgord, Regional council Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Community of communes Périgord nontronnais, Ateliers d’Art de France, Experimental Pole of Arts and Crafts of Nontron and Périgord-Limousin, Departmental Cultural Agency Dordogne-Périgord.