Couverture Fête du Couteau 2021

In practise :
Saturday August 7th and Sunday 8th 2021
Saturday : 10 am- 7 pm
Sunday : 10 am – 6 pm
City centre, Parking Anatole France, 24300 Nontron
Prices : 
PASS 1 DAY : 5 € – PASS 2 DAYS : 7 €
Free for less than 16 years old
Contact :
Anaïs RATINEAUD – 07 87 26 51 34

The 25th occasion of the FÊTE DU COUTEAU (KNIFE SHOW) will occur on Saturday, August 7th and Sunday August 8th 2021 in Nontron.
Around a hundred cutlery manufacturers, craftsmen, creators and resellers from the entire world lead us towards the discovery of the knife passion in a real festival of gesture. They will present us their latest creations, from the unique item to the little series by way of real works created in collaboration with designers.

Every summer, the cradle of the most ancient folding knife of France celebrates the multiple facets of the millennial cutlery art. In Nontron, more than 100 cutlery manufacturers, craftsmen, creators and resellers coming from the entire world are meeting to share their passion with the public.
Nontron welcomes renowned cutlery manufacturers and spotlights talented young creators. While going against conventions of the discipline, these passionate are proving that everything is possible when we demonstrate enthusiasm and ingenuity. Whether it concerns unique items, limited series or collaborations with designers, their work always surprises by its accuracy and inventiveness.
The most ancient tool of the man invites everyone to come on Saturday August 7th and Sunday August 8th 2021 in Nontron to discover the realizations of these real artists of the steel!
The organisation team of the Fête du Couteau does its best in order to let the event happening this summer 2021 respecting the healthcare protocol and the security measures that will be given.

The competition of cutlery creation

In order to spotlight the creativity and the dexterity of the cutlery manufacturers present during the event, the Fête du Couteau organizes – for the fourth time – a competition of cutlery creation. The participants are invited to stretch their imagination and their technical achievements on the theme “An elegant folding knife for Madam or for Mister”.


“Practice makes perfect”
Giving life to an object is one of the biggest satisfactions for a craftsman, transmitting his knowhow and encouraging vocations is another one. The cutlery manufacture is not an exception: the knowhow is transmitted from the cutlery manufacturer towards his student since hundreds of years and its evolution is consequently growing up from generation to generation.

Internship of cutlery forge – From August 2nd to August 6th – Place de la Mairie – Complete
The Fête du Couteau is the opportunity for these craftsmen to present to the public their mastery of the cutlery manufacture but also to communicate their passion throughout workshops and demonstrations which will occur all the weekend in the heart of the city. The visitors will be able not only to see them working but also to participate and create their own knife!
Michel LEMANS will animate an internship of initiation to the cutlery forge and its basic technics. He will propose to the interns the realization of a knife in steel.

Internship of metalworking unit 2 – From August 2nd to August 6th 2021 – Place de la Mairie (reserved for the interns who have done the unit 1 in Etouars)

Scrimshaw internship – From August 3rd to August 6th 2021 – Pending confirmation
If the two first internships are focused on the blades, the handles will not be leftover. Sonia LUST will teach the ancestral art of the scrimshaw. Original from the Inuit culture, this technic of engraving on soft support (deer antlers, walrus tusk, mammoth ivory) can ornament either knife handles or jewels.

Sharpening internship – Friday August 6th 2021 – Pending confirmation

Information and inscription to the internships:
Experimental Pole of Arts and Crafts in Nontron
feteducouteau@gmail.com07 87 26 51 34

Forges and metalworking festival – July 24th and 25th 2021 (Etouars) – Partner of the Fête du Couteau

Forges and metalworking festival – July 24th and 25th 2021 (Etouars)
In partnership with the Fête du Couteau, the association 3F3M organizes the 8th Festival of Forges and Metalworking in Etouars, ten kilometres away from Nontron. The public will be able to discover old technics, sometimes millenary, of the bronze and steel fabrication in low furnaces and the fabrication of cast-iron cannons in blast furnaces. More than 20 craftsmen will create objects from the metals produced and will expose their work. On Saturday night, a show of fire will close the day.
Finally, the visitors will be able to discover a city with an incredible architecture built in scale above the Bandiat valley with a green vegetation, even in summer.
Located in the heart of the Perigord-Limousin Regional Natural Park, Nontron is also an ideal place for a walk in its wonderful countryside and to immerse yourself in the rich patrimony of the North Perigord.

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