In the Nontron area, even if we do not have a Kinfe Festival or the Iron and Forge Festival in Etouars this year, we maintain the link with the cutlery manufacturer artists and the world of the cutlery industry!
“The arts and crafts summer in Nontron” will be marked by a key moment around the universe of the knife from August 3rd to August 8th.

Place de la Mairie de Nontron (24300) – Saturday, August 8th – 9 am-10 pm (0)

For the pleasure of everyone, the market of craftsmen and cutlery manufacturer artists will welcome around twenty arts and crafts professionals with varied knowhow while putting the spotlights on cutlery manufacturers.
Meetings, interactions, demonstrations and exhibitions-sales will be there along this beautiful and long day.

13 cutlery manufacturer artists have accepted our invitation. They are faithful of the Knife Festival who will propose their latest models of folding knives, pocket knives, table knives…Right beside the 2 emblematic cutlery industries of Nontron, the Coutellerie Nontronnaise and Le Périgord, big names and young cutlery manufacturers will be by our side to maintain the link and show the mutual attachment between the cutlery manufacturers, the arts and crafts and Nontron.
The cutlery manufacturers and the arts and crafts professionals come mostly from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. Our visitors will be able to meet creators who realize beautiful and sustainable objects that we can transmit and which relate an history. They will witness demonstration of cutlery forge, stone sculpture and will be able to get initiated to the pottery.
The association Clic-Clac Nontron will propose an exhibition of photos of the 2019 edition of the Knife Festival.

A beautiful day in sight and a real reunion with the creators for the knives lovers, the collectors and the general public.

La Coutellerie nontronnaise, la coutellerie Le Périgord, Pascal Renoux, Christian Camboulives, Yann Régibier, Jérôme Truchard, Laurent Gaillard, Maxime Surjous, Michel Lemans, Alain Conesa and Maxime RossignolGary Headrick and Jean-Pierre Martin, present in Nontron for the holidays, will be there for our pleasure.

Patricia Masson (ceramist), Philippe Stemmelen (sculptor), Sabine Stemmelen (ceramist), Claire Lepape (ceramist), Sophie Doco (textile creator and illustrator), Céline Giry (ceramist), Odile Gérard (creator of textile jewels), Marc Wilgoss (metalworker)