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Manufacto – the knowhow factory, a program of the Hermès Corporate Foundation is renewed for the firtst time in the Périgord Nontronnais territory ! For this new edition, 4 classes will benefit from this beautiful program which values the crafts knowhow. The Experimental Pole of Arts and Craft in Nontron is still a coordinator of the program Manufacto in Dordogne. 

The program Manufacto, what is it?
“Manufacto, the knowhow factory” is a program of the Hermès Corporate Foundation dedicated to the discovery of crafts in a school environment. This program is motivated by the will to enhance the crafts knowhow associated with the jobs of carpentry, leather work, saddlery and plastering towards the public.

The 2022-23 edition
For this new edition, the program Manufacto will occur in 4 different schools of the Community of Communes of the Périgord-Nontronnais : the CM1-CM2 (Year 5 and 6) of the Saint-Estèphe school, the CM1 (Year 5) of the school Louis Aragon in Piégut-Pluviers, a class of 6ème (Year 7) of the high school Les Marches de l’Occitanie in Piégut-Pluviers, and a class of 2nde professionnelle (professional Year 11) of the high school Alcide Dusolier in Nontron will be part of this adventure!
The pupils will beneficiate from 24 hours of workshops divided in 12 sessions accompanied by an arts and crafts professional. Each class will discover a different knowhow and the pupils will realise objects designed by the designers of the Studio BrichetZiegler. In these sessions, a visit of a workshop and a restitution are included. Four local arts and crafts professionals will share their job and will accompany the students in the realisation of these objects. Alexander Hay – cabinetmaker will accompany the CM1 (Year 5) of the school Louis Aragon in Piégut-Pluviers in the realisation of a lamp, Laurence Girard – furniture upholsterer in the school of Saint-Estèphe will help the pupils of CM1-CM2 (Year 5 and 6) to realise their ghetto-blaster pillow, Marie-Gabrielle Cousseau – bootmaker will realise with the students of 6eme (Year 7) of the high school of Piégut-Pluviers a leather lamp and a craftwoman from the maroquinerie nontronnaise will intervene with high school students of the Cité scolaire Alcide Dusolier in Nontron to help them to realise their briefcase. Every student will realise their own object from start to fnish with tools and professional gestures!

Four assistants chosen among the students of the PostMaster of the ENSAD and thanks to the community aid project for young people will accompany the different projects of realisation.

Weekly sessions of two hours will rythm the school year of the students before discovering the final result!

You can find the details of the program « Manufacto » on their dedicated website

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