In partnership with the Atelier le Grand Village.

In the heart of the Charente-Limousine countryside, two passionate artists have settled their workshops. The exhibition offers a link between the lithographs created by Francis Van der Riet and the ones of international artists from the Atelier le Grand Village and the textile creations of Côme Touvay.
Francis van der Riet, lithographer, is creating little by little, an ideal workshop which is mixing presses and advanced tools. He invites some artists in residence in the workshop in order to produce lithographic printings.
The exhibition presents an overview of the lithographic works produced in the Atelier le Grand Village since 2012, by international artists.
You will be able to appreciate singular works with a strong character, the variety of the expressions offered by the lithography technic and discover how the creators made a reference to the Atelier le Grand Village in some prints. This selection is also the reflection of the artistic choices and personality of Francis van der Riet.
Côme Touvay, textile designer, specialist in both artisanal and industrial weaving presents
some creations and personal researches: DIAMONES, an installation of 20 three-dimensional mini-textiles, « le rideau de la nuit » realised for CODE DE NUIT, SAMA a project born from the reflection on the graphic sign, the language and the alterity. A set which shows the forms and expressions variety allowed by weaving in every sense.
Completing this exhibition, an exceptional weaved piece in partnership with the Belgian maker VERILIN, prototype presented for the first time to the public. This piece is a savant work in textile structure which allows a reconstitution with 70 grey shades in order to reveal every subtlety of a Diane Victor’s work.
You will be in immersion in the atmosphere of the workshops in presence of a lithographic press also named horned beast and a weaving loom.

The artists: Francis van der Riet, Côme Touvay, Michael Barnes , Sasha Bitzer, Léon de Bliquy, Anne-Catherine Charbonnier, Aaron Coleman, Christiaan Diedericks, Celia Eid, Pauline Gutter, Kellie Hames, Yuki Hasegawa, Banele Khoza, NINA Kovacheva, Donna McKellar, Mongezi Ncaphayi, Bambo Sibiya, Valentin Stefanoff, Suzanne Touvay, Jan Vermeiren, Diane Victor, Wilma.

We want to thank the Atelier le Grand Village and the textile manufacture Verilin, in Belgium.

In practise :
Dates and hours :
From March 30th to June 10th 2019.
Open from Monday to Saturday,  10 am-1 pm and 2-6 pm.
FREE ENTRY – Access for disabled people.
Exceptional openings : Thursday May 30th, Sunday June 2nd 2019 (Potters Exhibition in Bussière-Badil), Sunday June 9th (only from 2 to 6 pm) and Monday June 10th (Weavers market in Varaignes).
Be careful, the PEMA will be closed on May 8th 2019.

Guided visits : Saturday May 25th at 4 pm, free. (In French)
Meeting with Diane Victor and demonstration of « soot drawing », Saturday, June 8th, free.

Place :
Pôle Expérimental Métiers d’Art de Nontron et du Périgord-Limousin
Château, av. du Général Leclerc 24300 NONTRON

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