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France Design Week
The event France Design Week will occur from September 7th to 28th. The 2023 theme is “living beings”.
The Experimental Pole of Arts and Crafts comes within the scope of this national program while proposing two meetings in the context of the residency of the designer Amaury Poudray. The Pôle houses designers in residency and sees the emergence of projects in collaboration with arts and crafts professionals of the territory within the scope of the Residencies of Research and Creation in Dordogne coordinates by the Departmental Cultural Agency. The residency takes the shape of a meeting between designers and arts and crafts professionals. They share their knowhow and their experiences. The residency is concluded by a joint creation related to a theme even to the publication of new products. The adventure continues in 2023 with the designer Amaury Poudray.

Roundtable discussion, Design, arts and crafts and rurality, with Amaury Poudray – Friday September 22
At the halfway stage of the residency of the designer, this round-table discussion will gather the actors of the project imagined by Amaury Poudray. They will exchange about the themes highlighted by the designer during his residency: the sacred, the hand-crafted and the ancestral, the game but also the use of natural materials…
It will also be the occasion to talk about the process of research and creation in design in relation to the territory, its dynamics and its characteristics but also according to his partners, his meetings and the visits of the arts and crafts workshops.
With: Stéphanie Marcenat – ceramist, Amaury Poudray – designer, Christelle Poullain – weaver, Jean-Christophe Robin – cabinetmaker.
Practical information:
Friday September 22, 6 pm.
Auditorium, Place Paul Bert, 24300 Nontron

Bigger than us : screenng + echange in videoconference with Flore Vasseur, director and Amaury Poudray, designer.
Carte blanche to Amaury Poudray, designer in residency – Thursday September 21
Amaury Poudray is a designer, creator of Networks, a creative network which enhances the human, the ecology and the beauty of the manual competencies. As agreed with his convictions, he invites you to discover the movie “Bigger than us” and to exchange with Flore Vasseur. They will talk about the ones stand to fight differently, the consequences of the social, economic and environmental crises.
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Meeting on Thursday September 21, 8 pm
In the Cinema Louis Delluc, Place des droits de l’homme, 24300 Nontron
Price: 6€50 full price / 5€ reduced / 4€ for less than 14 years old.
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The France design week : 
The France Design Week will occur from September 7th to 28th. It is a design festival present in the whole France. France Design Week unites the world of French design during an international, annual and global event. The objective is to promote the design and the expert assessments of the designers towards professionals and to bring awareness among the general public to the design practise while highlighting all the sectors of the design. Professionnals, general public and adepts of design discover the French regions or abroad and under different formats – exhibitions, conferences, visits of design studios, schools open doors day, workshop…. – the propositions of the design actors in a unity of time propitious to their influence and resonance locally, nationally and internationally.

The design and arts and crafts residency in Nontron
is organised within the scope of the Residencies of Research and Creation in Dordogne coordinates by the Departmental Cultural Agency Dordogne-Périgord.
PARTNERS: Ministry of Cultural Affairs / DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Dordogne Departmental Council, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Council, Experimental Pole of Arts and Crafts in Nontron, Community of communes Périgord Nontronnais and the Cultural Departmental Agency Dordogne-Périgord.