In practice:
Exhibition « Wood Expression »
Dates and hours :
From February 22nd to May 2nd 2020, varnishing on February 21st at 6 pm.
Open from Monday to Saturday
10 am-1 pm and 2-6 pm
Free entry – Access for disabled people.

Place :           
Pôle Expérimental Métiers d’Art de Nontron et du Périgord-Limousin
Château, av. du Général Leclerc 24300 NONTRON
+33 (0)5 53 60 74 17 – 

The exhibition “Expression Bois” proposed by the AFTAB for the Experimental Pole of Arts and Crafts reunites the most beautiful turned wood creations of the moment. It also presents the turning art on modern wood.

L’Association Française pour le Tournage d’Art sur Bois (AFTAB) – The French Association for Wood Turning Art (FAWTA) – aims to promote the art of wood turning which was for a while endangered. Now, it has won acclaim thanks to a group of wood turners who are determined to show their creative expression.
Thanks to these innovative wood turners, wood turning has reached the same level as the one of glass and ceramic modern arts. The beauty of the items prevails side by side with technics’ deployment. These technics are both varied and originals.
Until the 1980s, the French wood turning art was very traditional. Since then, it has taken a creative surge. “Expression Bois” presents, as a result, wood turning in the service of the artists’ and craftsmen’s creativity. Thanks to a clever mix of ancestral and modern technics, the wood turners show a new form of their art with a new form in the sculpture sector. The creations are based on the natural beauty of the woods (walnut burl, ash, wild cherry, wood of thock-te-cok, ebony, hackberry…) and on complementary technics (sculpture, texture, sticking, burning…). Modern wood turning favors the effects on the material, the light effects, the simplicity and lightness and above all, it constructs a complex and disturbing connection to the space.

The Nontron Experimental Pole of Arts and Crafts has shown the famous exhibition “Du Coeur à l’Ecorce”, several time in the past, but now, it has been 8 years since turned wood has had the place of honor there. As a result, we propose to let you see some of the works of famous AFTAB members as well as new talented wood turners for an exhibition which has been conceived especially for the Nontron castle.

In partnership with the AFTAB