Amaury Poudray is the new designer selected to participate to the design and arts and crafts residency in Nontron, within the scope of the research and creation residencies in Dordogne. After a period of discovery, he will work in collaboration with arts and crafts professionals of the territory. 
Amaury Poudray will divide his stay in three phases : a time of immersion and research on the territory, a time of meetings with the public, a time of collaboration with arts and crafts professionals. .
In the winter 2023, a public presentation will reunite the works realised. 

About him :
Amaury Poudray has graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design (Superior school of art and design) of Saint-Etienne. He has studied in RISD in the United States and lived in the FABRICA for 1 year, a center of research and communication of the Benetton group in Italy. He develops projects in the entire world and has taught his approach of design and its values in several countries such as Poland, Indonesia, South Korea and China. 
He is the manager of the society Networks which he has created in 2017. Networks is a creative network of knowhow which values the human, the ecology and the beauty of the manual competencies with the intention of highlighting traditional knowhow and former wisdoms. The objects conceived, developped and communicated are intended to promote a way of life which respect the LIVING BEING..
One of his latest projects was realised in 2022 for the Regional Nature Reserve of the Aubrac within the scope of the program LAUBAPRO. He has conceived the collection « Chemin » in collaboration with a craftsman specialised in the chestnut tree and a craftsman specialised in the drystones. An ensemble of furniture which punctuates the path of Santiago de Colmpostela in Aubrac. « The furniture allow to sit, contemplate, cross ; the wood and the stone are associated and interlock perfectly, they mix up naturally with the countryside while keeping the identity of the territoy ».
« The emotional dimension of the projects is important to me and every subject is the occasion to tell a story and give value to a human encounter. My objective is to develop a sensitive approach of the knowhow with the conception of a collection of objects which carry a strong message for our society related to the local territory. Everyone can step out of his comfort zone and by the alchemy of the meeting generate beauty.

The design and arts and crafts residencies in Nontron are organised within the scope of the Reasearch and Creation Residencies in Dordogne coordinated by the Departmental Cultural Agency Dordogne-Perigord. 
PARTNErS : Ministère de la Culture (Culture Ministry) / DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Conseil départemental de la Dordogne (Departmental Council of Dordogne), Conseil Régional Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Regional Council), Experimental Pole of Arts and Crafts of Nontron, the Community of communes Périgord Nontronnais and the Cultural Agency Dordogne-Périgord.