Rue des Métiers d’Art – Exhibition of arts and crafts in Nontron
Dates: On October 23rd, 24th and 25th 2020
Place: NONTRON, North Dordogne (24).
City center: Place Alfred Agard, voie de Thame and in the castle.
Hours and prices:
Entry 2 € with an access to the tombola (3 prizes to win)
Free for the less than 16 years old, unemployed people and beneficiaries of the tax credits.
Free access in the Voie de Thame.
Friday: 2-7 pm, Saturday: 10 am-7 pm, Sunday: 10 am- 6 pm
Animations: Demonstrations of arts and crafts knowhow
Exhibition: « Les chemins de la création » in the Castle, avenue du général Leclerc 24300 Nontron

Information: +33 (0)5-53-60-74-17 –

Esthetic, use, pleasure, exceptional, daily, knowhow and materials: THE PERFECT BALANCE!
arts and crafts workshops
Decoration, culinary art, jewels and fashion accessories.
Unique and little series items.

The 11th exhibition “Rue des Métiers d’Art” will occur on October 23rd, 24th and 25th 2020 in Nontron.
31 creators and crafts professionals will present their latest collections and will make demonstrations of their knowhow and creativity.

This new edition is the opportunity to invite creators who come from varied sectors, with unique universes and with exceptional knowhow.
The cutlery manufacturers will have the place of honor with 2 art cutlery manufacturers: Yann Régibier and Jérôme Truchard who will be alongside our two local manufactures: the Coutellerie Nontronnaise and the cutlery Le Périgord.
We will welcome 12 primo-exhibitors as novelty and discovery are in the heart of the exhibition identity.
The members of the Experimental Pole of Arts and Crafts and local professionals of course have a place this year again.

The public will find on the exhibition: arts and crafts items, unique pieces or small series in the sectors of decoration, fashion and culinary arts.
Numerous knowhow will be represented: wood and metal sculpture, ceramic, silkscreen printing, enamel, basketwork, leatherworks, binding, cutlery manufacture, stained-glass, textile creation, jewelry….

Workshops will allow young and adults to get initiated to knowhow with high-technic.
Finally, the exhibition is deployed in the city with worshops-shops opened to the public, the exhibition “Les chemins de la creation” and the Arts and Crafts Shop accessible for free in the castle.

“Rue des Métiers d’Art” assures that it is possible to consume differently with arts and crafts products. Buying an arts and crafts good means to buy a beautiful, lasting and ethic item! Acquiring an arts and crafts object allows also to discover an history, to meet a craftsman and to discover his personality, it means to add humanity in one’s daily life.

A few hours away from big cities, our visitors will be able to discover and acquire original and lasting objects produced locally and adapted to modern use.

The exhibitors creators 2020:

BALUTEAU Natacha – Art enameler, BERNARD Julie – Roulie Verre – Stained-glass creator, BLANCHARD Carole – Selva – Basket maker, BLONDON Laurence – LO Cacou – Creator of fashion accessories, BOUYSSOU Charlotte – Atelier Kozhha – Leather worker, BRAECKMAN Jenny – Mö créations feutrées – Felt worker, CHAMBAUD-HERAUD Tristan – Ceramist, COUSSERAN Serge – Ceramist, COUTELLERIE NONTRONNAISE, DESACHE Astrid- Petit Grain de Peau – Leather worker, DOCO Sophie –Creator of objects in crochet and graphic designer, FROMONTEIL Hélène -HF Sculpture- Wood sculptor, GARRIGUE Fanny – Metal wire sculptor, GREGOIRE   Maï – L’art Ritournelle – Binding, JOBET Ingrid – Graine de fil – Tisserande, fileuse de fibres, KELLER Florie – La Vitrine Flow- Sérigraphe, illustrator, MARCENAT Stéphanie – Ceramist, MASSON Patricia – Albedô Collection – Ceramist, PEPIN Amandine – Jewel creator, PETIT Jean-Pierre – Au grès des lutins – Ceramist, PEYTOUR-QUENDOLO Delphine – Enameler, POPOVIC Marlène – Les Jardins d’Ila – Natural tints creator, REGIBIER Yann –De la lame au pommeau – Cutlery manufacturer, SAMUEL Caroline – La Cakoquinerie – Leather worker, THUAUD Marie-Paule – Jewel creator,TOURRILHES Floriane – Glass blower, TRICOIRE Cécile – Milliner, TRUCHARD  Jérôme – Atelier fer de terre –  Cutlery manufacturer, VARESE Agnès – Atelier Yackatisser – Weaver, VRIGNON Aurélie – L’atelier du blanc – Ceramist, porcelain, ZAMBELLI Dominique  -créations Zambelli.